“We don’t make positive identification

The bra they gave me was a double d as apparently that was the smallest size they had available when I booked in. So I tossed it in my tub and never wore it. But when I signed out to go to court one day, and they patted down my upper body, they said where is your bra? And made me go put it on to Canada Goose online even go to my court date (where I then got released)..

Other large sums spent by the Trump campaign in July went to travel ($3.2 million) and merchandise ($1.8 million). The canada goose black friday offers campaign doled out $773,000 to reimburse various Trump owned companies for expenses. In canada goose outlet legit all, nearly $7.7 million has been paid out to Trump companies or Trump family members to cover campaign expenditures, filings show..

That was me in school. I can remember going canada goose uk outlet to a birthday party where the parents spent a ton of money only cheap canada goose uk for it to be just me. The mother hugged me so tight and teared up. Great advice. I however, have not really figured out who the audiance is. I have a story and I want to tell it.

One source of tension between Trump and Nielsen was his demand that she carry out policies that would violate canada goose trousers uk federal law. Will share canada goose uk shop her concerns. Already, Trump is being encouraged by a coterie of extremist advisers canada goose black friday sale including canada goose outlet boston Miller, canada goose clearance sale Kris Kobach and Steve Bannon, who are pushing the White House toward another confrontation with the courts..

We are a social species, and being a human alone makes life canada goose outlet us much more difficult. However, I found that things like Canada Goose Parka envy and jealousy because someone is at a place where you want to be but can get to, or started with advantages you didn have only alienated me from others. Once I realized that it a one man race, but you canada goose black friday new york get to not only pick your cheer squad, but also canada goose uk online store pick who you want to cheer, life got a lot easier and opportunity flooded in..

I assume you meant “nearly 2 years”, but regardless, no, I do not think so. If Trump is is good shape for reelection, he probably still lose seats in the house, and if he not in good shape for reelection, like he stands today, he probably lose even more seats in the house. This is based on the idea that a winning Trump election looks a lot like 2016, and Dems picked up house seats them.

That sad reality is this is the world we live in. Powerful get rich and evade any consequences while easily manipulated normal public, with a canada goose uk size chart few who are ostracized because of not eating up the bullshit, are taught to hate and hurt each other and are the ones that suffer in the end. Continuous deflection and diversion onto scapegoats on both sides.

However, they did bake brownies and the kids made a card to welcome us when we moved in 4 years ago. We ended up picking Palmer. It school beat tuck and the houses were identical to Pinedale and Longmore. It more like, “yeah. Shes wearing a meat dress like lady gaga so I gonna. Avoid Canada Goose Coats On Sale the shit out of that one.” A lot of people put ostracization under the umbrella of bullying.

I would invite you guys to watch This Film is Not Yet Rated. It talks about the MPAA in America and how it goes about rating films canada goose outlet in usa for movie goers. It been a long time for me but i remember them making the point that a movie can depict a man beating his wive, blowing her head off, or tearing her shirt off and that makes it into theatres.

I was actually on the verge of tears watching her face as she experienced the movie completely absorbed into the experience.lol I understand your point but sort of disagree in that the kids, https://www.canadagoosejacket-outlett.ca even canada goose uk outlet the young ones, will be fine if the movie is for them. A kids movie. It when the parents drag their kids off to site here see an adult movie that causes the shit to hit the fan, because the kids will get bored.

Sounds stressful? While Rage Yoga may not canada goose expedition black friday be for everyone, those who teach the classes say they draw on traditional yoga practices while helping people find calm in an way. The food is great and the staff is wonderful.. “We don’t make positive identification. The technology is just not there yet to say it is reliable to make a positive identification like you would have with fingerprints,” he said. “We have to be absolutely certain who we think we have in the photo.

Condition with Shea moisture low porosity conditioner (still trialing that one). I used their tea tree one before and I really like it too. I apply a lot of it, and I apply it to the whole length except the very roots. You don want employers getting sued for discrimination cause they didn hire legal immigrants allowed to work and mistook them for an illegal. You have to stop them from getting on US soil, once here, it a long drawn out waste of time and money to get them deported. We can spend $5 Billion on a wall or much more letting them in, holding them, releasing them, giving them healthcare, benefits when they pop out kids, then when their case fails, eventually deporting.

But that is only half the story

The Panthers led 49 43 but saw the game almost slip away after a pair of late turnovers. Canyon had the ball with a chance to win it at the end, but their shot fell short.NIKE TAKE FLIGHT CHALLENGEA few miles away, Long Beach Poly and Compton took part in the third annual Nike Take Flight Challenge, which saw the Redondo Union gym transformed with pro style lights and a giant Jordan Brand logo at center court.The games went poorly for the Moore League squads, as both lost. Compton faced off with Roosevelt and trailed wire to wire, with a late spurt by the Tarbabes making the score a little prettier in a 62 57 loss.Roosevelt led 48 37 before a 20 point fourth quarter from Compton brought them within five.

cheap jordans from china For Sri Lanka, this was a one day international that will not live long in the memory, a match ruined by rain. But that is only half the story. For England, it was much more than that. By the time my Nikon blazed off a couple of shots, the Jaguar had leapt out of the pitlane, revs building to a crescendo and explosive gearshifts echoing off the grand stands. Barely a minute and a half later, the green F1 car barelled over the start finish line, doing a neat 230 kph into one of the fastest corners in F1 the Copse at Silverstone. “No, he didn’t stall,” I told Chandhok cheap jordans cheap jordans, whom I found once I walked across the tunnel to where he was watching the action from Copse. cheap jordans from china

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You building a brand new house and on day one

fake hermes belt vs real U/GioRaffe32 seems to really care about Kansas and Missouri. So probably living in KC. U/TullyDawg is in florida probably. The ones I have seen have no range. They sing about 3 to 5 songs great and that is it. You usually just see them once a year when they come back to when the contest again.. fake hermes belt vs real

I think it was just misrepresented as being fact. Also, to some degree, yes I think it was a way to control people. I got a weird scam feeling when I was reading hermes birkin replica 40cm about how God told one guy on a mountain to go down and tell everyone else that God hermes birkin replica with box said that hermes men’s sandals replica the other people must cater to him and his friends (the priests).

They are not a government subsidy, and so no, taxpayers are hermes belt replica paypal not funding anyone’s “gambling addiction” on the share market through the current franking credits regime. A company https://www.hothermesreplicas.com pays tax on behalf of its shareholders, not on behalf of itself. This means that a refund for excess franking credits is exactly the same as you getting your income tax refund for the excess tax you paid on your salary.

Ehh, agree, but at the same time this is the consequence of trying to be (or in Conor case, making yourself) super famous. You exchange some things for a shit load of money and fame. IMO it 100% fair game if the very thing you built yourself on to get money from the public is hammered at..

hermes birkin bag replica cheap “We need to get your daughter tested for a learning difference,” the affidavit quotes Witness 1 (Singer) as saying. “Here’s why. If she gets tested for a learning difference, hermes bag replica uk and let’s say it’s my person that does it, or whoever you want to do it, I need that person to get her 100percent extended time over multiple days. hermes birkin bag replica cheap

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replica hermes belt uk For years, I couldn’t get rid of anything. I have had to learn to manage the flow. Paperbacks I tend not to keep unless I love them and replica hermes luggage know I’m going to reread them. We all are frustrated with the LOOT, BALANCE, and STORE issues in Anthem right? Well there was a thread last night I saw here where a guy was claiming he hermes belt 42mm replica could “force” the game to give him better loot by reloading into freeplay over and over again until it started a loot shower to keep him playing (I can find his post now, if you read this and post here I give you credit for the post). I don know if this theory was true or sample bias, but it ticked a memory for me, about an AI powered system EA was going to add to a game, a game at that time I didn recognize. Meaning, EA was implementing this system with Anthem. replica hermes belt uk

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I was a regular that had been there a while. He joined and after a month got comfortable enough to use his mic. He was charismatic and funny in game. Please ensure your self promotion is at a reasonable level (below 10%) and seek moderator approval (message us here) before posting any AMAs. Interesting first party games they could still release are Devil World, EarthBound Beginnings, Mysterious Murasame Castle and StarTropics II. Otherwise, you got Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Jr.

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Cops vacuum up ALL cell phone users in wide areas with warrantless IMEI capture devices (Stingrays) and replica hermes kelly bag can legally mention them in court (the case MUST be dropped if the defendant asks how they were found) Because it isn illegal until it gets ruled on in court. So the FBI loans the devices out, EVERYONE cell data is captured, and if it would come out in court, the prosecutors drop the case (PER the lease agreement with the FBI.)Don me started on the depictions of “security” in places like nuke power plants or industrial sites. It all James bonds in the movies, with fake fingerprints and multiple hermes birkin replica bags sale locking doors, etc.The truth is super scary simple.

So hes goes and they go back in time and then they go fight

canadian goose jacket Unfortunately, for those of us who live in fight or flight response, our love for ourselves usually suffers too. I didn’t realize how much I was punishing myself. How rigid and strict I was with myself. 2 points submitted 25 days agoWe tested all our applications months ago to see which could be used with OpenJDK 8/10, or which needed Java SE 8. We also put out a data call with our users to see what websites needed the Java plug in in Internet Explorer, also limited to the proprietary version of Java 8.The short of it is that while our own internal apps are good, the rest of government moves at a glacial pace. We determined that a few major gov sites require the plug in, so we paid for licenses. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Online The results showed that 50 per cent of the subjects of https://www.likecheapcanadagoose.com the canada goose victoria parka uk study (with IGT) had a HbA1c value of over 6 per cent, 30 per cent had values between 6 and 6.5 per cent. And 20 per cent had values of over 6.5 per cent. Snehalatha, A. Test automation is a process of using software to test programs to ensure all parts of the code are free of error. Software testing consists of various tests to compare the actual output with the expected output. Such tests are vital for any canada goose uk sale asos program, since significant business value may canada goose online uk reviews be attached to the software functioning perfectly. Canada Goose Online

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uk canada goose They could design a proper fast SoC that combines their gpu technology with arm64. It doable but they have to invest heavily into it over a long period of time, probably divesting engineers from other products that already make money for them. And that would be at a time when AMD canada goose outlet boston has already built a name for itself as a reliable long term partner for semi custom products. uk canada goose

Canada Goose online Now, I am just sitting around sad you know coz my man Scottie isnt there but then he shows up and I am like woh dude you back and hes like yo I am gonna help StoveTuna save the world. So hes goes and they go back in time and then they go fight that purple raisin again you know. Yeah that ugly ass dude is back again. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance sale Do you really need to tell a friend or family member whats happened if you are trying to make it work? The problem if you do is that your family n friends will always judge the person so you will never fully be able to forget and fet over what your partner has done. If you have anymore question guys just put them on my page. Id love to help.. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose clearance Next carrier that offers free LTE roaming in Europe will probably get my business. It was great when T Mobile offered us a taste of that a few summers ago. I hoped by now this would be a standard feature for postpaid accounts. Shortly after the death of Ali, Mu’awiya, assumed the Caliphate of the Islamic state, moving the capital from Kufa to Damascus. Unlike his predecessors who maintained a canada goose vest outlet high level of egalitarianism in the Islamic state, Mu’awiya’s Caliphate was monarchical. This set the tone for the fledgling Ummayad dynasty (c.670 750 CE) and in 680 on the death of Mu’awiya, the Caliphate succeeded to his son Yazid.. canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket cheap The black mold part is really shitty :/ One of my childhood family friends lived in a basement suite that had black mold. I was to young to remember, but my mom says that it was so hard to breathe down there. She also thinks that the black mild was causing some of my friends canada goose emory parka uk behavioural issues as well though (like shitting herself), which is pretty weird buy canada goose jacket cheap.

The school’s pottery program in New Orleans

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canada goose The first of those two statements checks whether two icons are the same. Because two values are being compared, the Visual C program uses the == equality operator. The second statement actually changes the value (called assignment), setting the firstClicked reference variable equal to null to reset it. canada goose

canada goose The Judaic dietary law, Kashrut, forbade lard as a cooking medium, and butter http://www.canadagoose7.com/, too, was proscribed as an alternative since Kashrut also prohibited mixing meat and dairy products.[12] Jewish cuisine used olive oil in the Mediterranean, and sesame oil in Babylonia, but neither cooking medium was easily available in Western and Central Europe, so poultry fat (known in Yiddish as schmaltz), which could be abundantly produced by overfeeding geese, was substituted in their stead.[27][29][30] The delicate taste of the goose’s liver was soon appreciated; Hans Wilhelm Kirchhof of Kassel wrote in 1562 that the Jews raise fat geese and particularly love their livers. Some Rabbis were concerned that eating forcibly overfed geese violated Jewish food restrictions. The chasam sofer, Rabbi Moses Sofer, contended that it is not a forbidden food (treyf) as none of its limbs are damaged. canada goose

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cheap canada goose Hunters use the tabs to list their name, address, age and other data. Some states use only serial numbers to designate their hunter type stamp. State stamps are therefore referred to as either collector stamps or hunter type stamps. How can you discern if a piece is a genuine Newcomb?Newcomb Pottery is part of the American Arts Crafts movement. The school’s pottery program in New Orleans, Louisiana, was established to teach women liberal arts. Women decorated the pots, often inspired by the natural beauty found in Louisiana’s lush wildlife with high glazes dominated by the colors green, blue, pink, and yellow. cheap canada goose

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For a heavy lift helicopter, where sling.0 is defined as a hoist, and sling.1 defined as a sling, the entries in the flight file could be:cablelength=65 These entries will have to be added by hand to a flight file. The object can be left blank, meaning no object is attached, or can be the container name of an object if the flight is to start with an object attached. The cablelength entry of 65 specifies that the length of the sling is 65 feet.

A book that has been read but is in good condition. Very minimal damage to the cover including scuff marks, but no holes or tears. The dust jacket for hard covers may not be included. The Yankees’ right fielder (Joe DiMaggio) and center fielder (Myril Hoag) collided and were knocked unconscious while sprinting for the ball. Goslin rounded the bases with an inside the park home run.[4] The Tigers ended up releasing Goslin after his.238 season, and Goslin later recounted (in “The Glory of Their Times”) that he received a call from his old boss, Clark Griffith, asking him if he’d be interested in ending his career back where it began in Washington. Goslin jumped at the opportunity and batted.158 in 38 games for the Senators in the 1938 season.

Bile is mostly water and has an excretory function in that it

cheap Canada Goose Some lies are accidental advertisements for the truth. There is much that is admirable about Singapore, but at its worst it is a kind of splendidly air conditioned fascist shopping mall. Are houses divided: As businesses they are one thing, as institutions they are another. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats on sale Technology can create temporary and largely spontaneous mass engagement. It enables easy affiliations and temporary commitments. However, the failure of many of these movements to generate sustained political reforms suggests that organisations of the committed, such as political parties or mobilised communities, are needed to keep people engaged and pushing for real change.. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online Who can deny that Murali’s continuance on the scene has added to the excitement of international cricket. A bowler as unique as him has enriched the game. So has Shoaib. It takes bile to the duodenum. Bile is mostly water and has an excretory function in that it carries bilirubin and excess cholesterol to canada goose jacket black friday sale uk the intestines for elimination in feces. The digestive function of bile is accomplished by bile salts, which emulsify fats in the small intestine. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet If you believe your employer is committing fraud and abuse, it is my hope that after reading this, you will make the right decision and report your employer. Not only is your employer ripping off taxpayers, canada goose outlet price but unsuspecting, sick senior patients, too. If your employer is committing Medicare fraud, a federal offense, then certainly your employer is committing fraud and abuse against private cheap canada goose jacket mens insurance companies canada goose black friday 2019 mens and cash pay patients you probably are well aware of this.. Canada Goose Outlet

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uk canada goose Julie Okah Donli, director general canada goose outlet of Nigeria National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, went on a fact finding mission to Libya last year canada goose outlet online after hearing reports of Nigerians living in conditions. She tells TIME she was sickened by what she saw. Some of the camps we visited, they had already taken truckloads of the guys to go work on the farms and in the factories for no pay at all. uk canada goose

Canada Goose sale Put the crate next to your bed. Your puppy doesn want to be alone. It doesn have to be here forever, but canada goose jacket uk it a good place to start out. Gauss used to say that Bolyai was the only man who fully understood his views on the metaphysics of mathematics. Bolyai became professor at the Reformed College of Maros Vsrhely, where for forty seven years he had for his pupils most of the later professors of Transylvania. Newton, which elevated the earth again into the circle of heavenly bodies. Canada Goose sale

Another great organization we were able to visit was called A Wider Circle. This place canada goose uk customer service collects donations of anything ranging from furniture to books to clothes. They only accept donations that are in condition, meaning you would feel good giving it to your mother, friend, brother, or anyone else you care about.

canadian goose jacket Please search the subreddit to see if topics have been covered already.I’m planning on going to Toronto, Canada this summer with my brother since I haven’t seen canada goose store him barely at all this school year.(He’s 20, I’m 16) He goes to a college 2 hours away. The more specific you can be with what you looking for, typically the more useful answers posters can give and the better we can try to help you! cheap canada goose What your budget, interests, what trips have you done before, what have you looked at doing in the area? Try canada goose outlet niagara falls a search beforehand. See this for an example of a good post. canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose Parka So goes another day of house arrest for Meng, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co. And daughter of the billionaire founder of China biggest telecom provider. It is, by all appearances, a comfortable life for someone at the centre of a complex power game Canada Goose Parka.

Jitters has the perfect community room for meetings

Hermes Replica Belt The Royal navy were winning great victories on the continent at the time. For the leisured classes in Jane’s novels the war was something that happened in the newspapers or far out at sea. Although her brothers were involved, many of these events seemed very remote and Jane and her peers continued to pursue their daily activities such as music, painting, playing games and writing with great enthusiasm comforted in the knowledge that England had the best navy in the world.. Hermes Replica Belt

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They told us someone canada goose uk sale asos called from a

Out of everything, the base usually makes up 50 90% of the product. Pigments and pearls are really pretty but they are https://www.canadagoosesalet.ca also very expensive in their pure form and won stick where you put them very well. The most expensive parts of the product are the pigment, glitter, and extras.

2) Your surgeon example is false. Individuals with advanced degrees are only increasing in demand, with the caveat that not all degrees are created equal and most will not pay as well as they have in the past (due to an increase in supply of applicants). Yes surgeons are earning less relative to society than they were 25 years ago, but that because there are more surgeons not because uk canada goose surgeons are being replaced with robots.

I once canada goose outlet sale had chai with a Canada Goose Outlet kindly old fellow around Tel Tamr while watching Turkish news talk about how Bahoz had been killed by and IED. We talked about politics and why I was there, the usual stuff. Afterwards as I was driving back to Manbij with a friend cheap canada goose bodywarmer I asked him if it was true Bahoz was dead.

Do a four section parting. One vertically from front hairline to nape, then split that across your crown from ear to eat to get four mostly equal sections. Start on the left subsection and paint around the entire section with bleach covering the regrowth, then start at the nape canada goose jacket outlet toronto of your neck and take 1/4″ section of hair and paint the regrowth with bleach.

Despite that, it not horrendous but it soooo safe some of the songs are decent vibes like: Bad Luck, Talk, Right Back, and Don Pretend. The back half is all filler, of course, that only if the first half isn already considered filler. So many canada goose store of the songs blend together though that it like listening to the same couple tracks on an hour loop.

Blew my mind. canada goose uk phone number Especially because I lived on Melbourne Beach, Florida at the time. And I would sit on the sand behind my house and watch nearly every launch. The biggest impediment, of course, canada goose outlet jackets is time. Sleepovers are long. By the end of young adulthood, people are faced with a “role crunch,” says William Rawlins, a professor of friendship and communication at Ohio University.

Kid lost his scholarship and spent almost ten years in prison. The girl and her family also were rewarded a shitpot of money from the school system (since it was on school grounds apparently). Eventually, the guy got out of prison, the girl reached Canada Goose sale out to him and said she was sorry, they met up for coffee, and she apologized to him for making the whole thing up.

So isn’t that the thing you have spoken yourself out against, black and white (not in a racial sense, I guess you already know but some idiot might not) good and evil etc?Well, I changed my first statement. And you try to convince yourself that everyone who is not sharing your opinion is stupid. Pretty sad actually.I guess you are a master in knowing and reading people right?I personally think, to help you with your buy canada goose jacket cheap superiority complex, that some acts of cruelty can’t be forgiven.

He got out searched us an told canada goose outlet kokemuksia us to wait, he radiod michigan police he proceeded to check inside the weapons to see if they were loaded or not and checked serial ‘s. They told us someone canada goose uk sale asos called from a park a mile away canada goose uk black friday saying they heard bullets wizzing passed them that canada goose uk outlet we were shooting our weapons recklessly. Even tho we weren’t we had fixed spining targets that we were hitting that angled into the ground.

I’m all for unbiased reviews and opinions but this is just becoming a hate train that everyone jumps on because they want to feel relevant. Its just not good enough for such a huge development time. The flying is fun and canada goose uk price the combat is solid (most of the time), but as a Canada Goose Coats On Sale whole the experience is rough.

And I canada goose discount uk find that it works a lot better than most cough syrups I tried. cheap canada goose uk The only caveat is that it doesn help with chest congestion. It great for runny canada goose nose, sneezing, and nasal congestion, but if you been experiencing post nasal drip you probably want something else like Robitussin which is better for coughing and chest congestion.

Again, that your challenge. You want to make these things happen? It probably starts with destroying Canada Goose Parka the Republican party and teaching them that being obstructionist assholes is not going to be rewarded. But, again, that involves moderates running and winning in red states.

That’s going in the wrong direction. RYAN: Thanks for having me.”,”alternativeHeadline”:”Transcript: Rep. Tim Ryan that aired Sunday, April 7, 2019, on “Face the Nation.”. What stage of the project is this? At the beginning stages, it often a lot more asking open ended questions (not yes or no questions) that get them talking and then being the active listener. Learn to dig deeper. Taking notes is fine, but you want to make sure you listen more than write.

heej 10 points submitted 15 days agoOr maybe it that they see

american community to celebrate their heritage rather than the dominant culture

dildos The one glimmer of hope is that the Republicans probably don want to establish a precedent that can be used for a future Democrat President. If they allow a known criminal to stay in office then they are setting the standard. I have a feeling that come January, when the Democrats take over in the House and begin to actually act as oversight, you will see more Republicans beginning to change their tune.heej 10 points submitted 15 days agoOr maybe it that they see the ridiculous flaws in our current model and find a different model that makes better sense. dildos

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Ties broken by USGA Method(Back Nine Total)

Not many fund canada goose uk black friday raising events can maintain their momentum through three plus decades, but the NorthBay Guild has managed to find a way. The NorthBay Guild Golf Tennis Classic is the Guild’s major fund raising event and organizers keep enticing players to comeback every year for the past 32.

This year’s canada goose outlet canada tournament held on buy canada goose jacket cheap Monday, July 13 was another success, seemingly pulled off without a hitch. Perhaps that happens because, after all this time, you would think every possible event wrinkle has already been ironed out. Not so, says Jane Hilliard, canada goose outlet store uk director of Volunteer Services for NorthBay Healthcare. Or, the staff at Green Valley Country Canada Goose Jackets Club who dotted all the I’s and crossed all the Ts. And then there’s the generous support of our many tournament sponsors, such as Downtown Ford.

“Thanks to Bill Fell, a Foundation board member, we again had a brand new Ford Focus available as part of the Hole in One prize. All of these pieces come together year after canada goose outlet jackets year to make this the most successful tournament in Solano County.”

On Monday, a light breeze kept temperatures comfortable as more than 100 golfers and tennis players turned out for the day’s activities. The event had a Hawaiian theme, canada goose outlet parka in honor of long time Guild member and Hawaiian native Barbara canada goose outlet reviews Lum, who passed away in May.

Volunteers working canada goose outlet uk sale the event were decked out in leis, flower hair ornaments, brightly goose outlet canada colored shirts and, in some cases, grass skirts. Barbara had chaired the event for many of its years, and both she and her Canada Goose Parka late husband were avid tennis players, according to Jane.

At another hole, PAWS for Healing dogs, dressed in Hawaiian shirts, greeted golfers with a wag of their tails. At another, Cynthia Giaquinto, our Joint Replacement program manager, kept canada goose store an eye out for the Hole in One winner, while another group promoting NorthBay’s participation in the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk offered prizes for playing a memory game.

As this was also the Guild’s last canada goose outlet toronto factory year of a five year commitment to support the NorthBay Medical Center Trauma Program, some holes had a trauma theme. Strawberry red Jello shots in syringes were offered to interested golfers at a hole hosted by Trauma Program Director Heather Venezio, Jackie Nelson, trauma registrar, and Ashley Barrios, trauma injury prevention/outreach canada goose factory sale coordinator. At another hole, volunteers from ServePro offered golfers samples of Sangria, in a cooler covered in a biohazard bag.

Longest drive, Women’s (Hole No. 9): Taylor Quilling

Longest Drive, Men’s (Hole No. 14): Ted Pakenham

Chipping contest: Will Hite, Hole in One

Putting contest: Candy Pierce, (first); Kevin Johnson (second); Dr. Pete Zopfi (third)

Mixed Team results: first place, Tiffany Hite, Will Hite, Theresa Hite, Steve Korn; second place, John Lasell, Bryce Metzler, Debbie Wedderburn, Alison Lasell; third place, Richard Chako, Pam Venturi, Sebastian Head, Jeff Gray.

Men’s Team Results: first place, Jim Pack, cheap canada goose outlet Canada Goose Fred Hearn, Steve Huddleston, Robert Wolfsberger; second place, Brett Johnson, Bill Seiden, Dave Bast, Zack Wood; canada goose factory outlet third place, Carlos Mendoza, Charlie Bonner, Joe Rhoades, Sean canada goose jacket outlet Quinn. Ties broken by USGA Method(Back Nine Total).

Tennis Flight A canada goose outlet Winners:

Women Midi Daddis

Men David Graham

Flight B Winners:

Women Laura Fowler

Men Mark Richardson

Finally,we extend many thanks to our major sponsors, as well: NexCore Group, Freeman Family Canada Goose Online Cosmetic Dentistry, Genentech, DRP Construction, Owens Minor, Bank of the West, Cerner, Dr. Pete Kim Zopfi, Medic canada goose black friday sale Ambulance, Wells Fargo Advisors, Western Health Advantage, Thompson’s Corner, PG Lincoln Financial Advisors, Aviacode, HFS, Travis Credit Union, Calstar, Reynolds Law Attorneys, Page Design, Thornton Tomasetti, Downtown Ford, Bank of https://www.amigosdecontreras.es America/Merrill Lynch, and Chris W. Sweeney, Attorney at Law.